Double H

  • Double H
Location:United Kingdom
Surface:2,4 ha.
Description:The project of Double H consists of 2 phases of 1,2 hectares. Phase 1 was completed in 2007 and Phase 2 in 2011.

Double H, United Kingdom

When phase 2 was built on to phase 1, a large part of the layout of Phase 1 had to be changed. This required a well-planned organization, since the production and sales had to continue during construction and renovation.

Certhon has realized the greenhouse, the heating and cooling. For the greenhouse cooling, we installed 36 JSK-coolers. We also installed an air-cooled cooling machine in combination with a heat buffer. This allows the grower to produce and store cold during night and to use the cold stored into the buffer during daytime. This approach saves energy, since the machine runs during the low costs electricity regime during the night.

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