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  • Fresh Care Convience
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:1.000m2 land area, 2.750m2 cultivation area
Description:In 2017, Certhon was commissioned to create an indoor farm with several cultivation layers for Staay Food Group. In this indoor farm, all natural conditions are imitated in a way that a superior product can be delivered. This, combined with minimal water use, energy efficient use of LED lighting and year round production, makes it possible to produce 100 kg/sqm of lettuce per year. The start of production in the Indoor Farm is expected in summer 2018.

Cultivation in the indoor farm of Staay Food Group

The cultivation conditions in an indoor farm are similar to those of natural conditions, but without surprises. Because of this, the products grow year-round, 365 days, in the same clean environment. Due to these perfect conditions, higher yields are achieved and a healthy, clean, fresh, tasteful product is delivered daily. The great additional benefit of the cultivation method in an indoor farm is that it is completely free from soil and insects. Therefore, there’s no need to use pesticides and the risk of pollution of the product is negligible.

Thereby, there is energy-efficient use of LED lighting and minimum water use: Irrigation is recycled and refreshed after each cultivation through disinfection. An even greater advantage is that, by the local production, the durability of the delivered products will be extended by certainly two days. In the future, an even more fresh and healthy product will be delivered. It is possible to produce 100kg/m2 of lettuce every year, producing lettuce within 30 days.

Certhon is responsible for the design of the entire indoor farm. The design is set up in a way that there is a land area with a surface of 1000m2, but a cultivation area of more than 2750m2. For the cultivation, all processes are controlled with the Fytotron climate computer. It manages and records all conditions during growth, from light, irrigation, temperature, humidity to energy management. The climate computer is linked to logistics automation, which records every position and action of the carrier where the products are grown.

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