H.M. Tesselaar

  • H.M. Tesselaar
  • H.M. Tesselaar
  • H.M. Tesselaar
  • H.M. Tesselaar
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:8 hectares
Description:H.M. Tesselaar, a Dutch Alstroemeria grower and breeder, has a total business size of 8 hectares spread over three locations. The cultivation of Alstroemeria is a multi-year process, so the plants are in the greenhouse for several years and producing flowers constantly. To achieve this, a harvesting system has been developed that minimizes quality loss.

The addition of Certhon within this harvest system can be found in the climate control; the cooling and heating installations and the different phases and techniques of lighting. To control the flowering of the Alstroemeria’s, a Klimaterra has been installed. With the Klimaterra, the soil temperature can be regulated per department, as a result of which Tesselaar keeps control over the flowering and production of the plants.

To achieve more production and better quality of the flowers in winter, Tesselaar switched to assimilation lighting in 2000 for all greenhouses. In 2018, a total of 1.8 hectares of greenhouses are moved to hybrid lighting. Using this hybrid system, the company aims to improve plant quality and increase winter production, while reducing energy costs by up to 50% compared to conventional lighting. The hybrid lighting system has been installed in an existing greenhouse and in a new greenhouse by Certhon.

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