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Surface:5,3 hectares
Cultivation:Cultivation Youngplants
Characteristics:Following construction of Krason’s headquarters, Certhon built the second phase Krason in Zlotow. And recently, a third greenhouse complex is added in Kisiele.

For over twenty years, Krason is the largest specialist in young vegetable plant production for greenhouse cultivation, in addition to outdoor cultivation. With a global customer base, new innovations and developments, plus their commitment to top quality produce, Krason has won many prizes.

In addition to designing and supplying the greenhouse, Certhon was responsible for corresponding heating facilities, including a moveable heating system, boiler-room, and heat storage tanks. Fully integrated with the CHP (WKK) installation.

The modern greenhouse has a 4,2-hectare surface and consists of five compartments. Everything is equipped to answer the high demands of modern propagation. Each compartment is also accommodated with tidal floors. With an adjacent 11.000 m2 work area, the total surface comes to 5,3 hectares. For optimal processing of plants, the work area also has been implemented with the latest techniques. This greenhouse complex is prepared for a future extension. More to come!

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