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Surface:0,3 hectares
Characteristics:Counselling from A to Z and building a turn key greenhouse complex…Certhon has been very busy to realize PrestoAgri. In the meantime, the execution phase has commenced the first harvest will soon be underway.

When Radu Niţulescu decided to grow high-quality herbs, Certhon took him by the hand and helped him with every aspect of the complex project, providing the required certificates up to constructing the greenhouse complex itself. In Alexandria, Romania, Certhon added another turn key greenhouse complex to extensive list of customers, completing this project with double screens, electrical engineering, heating, irrigation, high pressure fogging and HPS lighting. Within this high-tech facility, the complete growing trajectory is realized: sowing, germination, growing and harvesting. Thanks to the Mobile Gutter System, both sowing and harvesting will take place on a daily basis, resulting in a continuous production. Every day, fresh herbs, such as mint, oregano and basil will find their way from the PrestoAgri complex to Romanian customers.

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