Pure Harvest Smart Farms

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  • Pure Harvest Smart Farms
Location:Abu Dhabi
Surface:1 hectare
Description:Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a regional innovator in sustainable agriculture, focused on the production of premium quality fruits & vegetables in the extreme climates of the Arab Gulf region. They wanted year-round production of fresh and healthy vegetables, locally grown, to Dutch standards. With the use of the semi-closed greenhouse, the produce will become year-round available for the local market in UAE. Pure Harvest Smart Farms is the first to implement the SuprimAir technology in the Gulf Region

SuprimAir for Pure Harvest

Pure Harvest opted for the SuprimAir concept, where the use of conditioned air and over-pressure means that there is always a perfect climate to grow a healthy and clean product all year round. Through the application of over-pressure, computer-controlled efficient ventilation and cooling and the non-use of pesticides, healthy, local food can be produced in a sustainable way. In this perfectly balanced situation, the yearly yield to a traditional greenhouse can easily increase with +15%. Local produce becomes available in the summer months for the UAE, with the same uniform quality as any other season. With the aid of a hydroponic drip-irrigation, including complete re-use of irrigation water, water use is limited to the minimum.

In recognition of regional vulnerabilities associated with water scarcity, food import dependence and sustainability, Pure Harvest is committed to resource efficiency and overcoming climate challenges.

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Pure Harvest project

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