Red Roofs

  • Red Roofs
Surface:1,6 ha.
Description:Together with our partner in the UK, CMW, Certhon has realized a 1,6 hectares new glasshouse for Chris Durnford of Red Roofs Nursery. A result of close co-operation between Certhon, who took care of the glasshouse and heating, and CMW who supplied and installed all the equipment and managed the whole project.

Red Roofs Nursery, England

“Investment in a 700 sq m packhouse and an extra 16,660 sq m of fully fitted new glass is a reflection of Durnford’s commitment to the future. The heating and irrigation for the new block has been fully integrated with the existing glasshouses and heating system (including boiler and CHP) to create a total of six zones, enabling Durnford to produce speciality tomatoes in the ideal climate and irrigation conditions for each variety.

Two new tanks have been connected to the existing buffer system to provide an additional 300m3 of heat storage and create two open buffer systems working in tandem. This unusual configuration, controlled by the Priva computer, was designed by Certhon to make the best use of the system already in place before the new house was built.”

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