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  • Rijk Zwaan
  • Rijk Zwaan
  • Rijk Zwaan
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:0,3 ha.
Description:Certhon has realized a phytotron building of Rijk Zwaan, one of the most leading seed companies in the world.

Rijk Zwaan, The Netherlands

With the realization of various indoor farms in this building, with a size of 3.200 m2, Rijk Zwaan has the latest state of the art facilities for its research activities in the Dutch place Fijnaart.

The phytotron is a two story building housing several different types of indoor farms. Certhon has designed, built and furnished the indoor farms.
The climate and lighting applications can be adapted per chamber and monitored for crop research activities.

With the installation of fluorescent , HPS, HPI, and daylight lamps, a wide range of lighting types are united in this project. Important factors because lighting is crucial within research activities. In addition, the climate applications like heating, cooling, humidification and CO2 dosing are extremely advanced. That ensures a wide range of research capabilities, which makes this project special.

The climate in each indoor farm can be accurately monitored and controlled from a central area in the Phytotron building. With the Phytotron facility, Rijk Zwaan has the perfect tool to perform their research work in a meticulous manner, because Certhon has implemented the latest innovations in indoor farming technology and control.

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