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Surface:30 indoor farms
Cultivation:Research, Sugar beets
Description:SESVANDERHAVE is a leading sugar beet seed company. For the research of sugar beet varieties of the future, SESVANDERHAVE opened an Innovation Centre to develop new varieties faster and better than ever before. In this state-of-the-art research centre they can regardless of weather or season operate independent climate control in each compartment and analyse all factors in their finest details.

In the built of their new innovation centre Certhon was responsible for the design and realization of thirty growth chambers. Each cell is fully equipped with LED lighting and technical facilities in the field of electricity, irrigation, heating, cooling and CO2 dosage. All growth chambers are equipped with the Certhon Fytotron Control System and climate computers that monitors and controls the research activities with the utmost precision. This way all climate applications of the growth chamber can be adjust so that the sugar beet plants can be tested for any desired climate conditions.
Also all heating, cooling and climate systems in the greenhouses were installed by Certhon and since Certhon is its own heat/cold supplier, all heat can be reused and makes the SESVANDERHAVE innovation Centre as efficient as possible.

Gerhard Steinrucken; R&D director SESVANDERHAVE “We needed a partner that would create solutions together with us, and being innovative in this process, and we found in Certhon the right partner.”

Watch the Innovation Centre of leading sugar beet seed company SESvanderHave

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