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Location:The Netherlands
Surface:7,5 ha.
Description:For the new facilities of Ter Laak Orchids, Certhon has designed and installed the cooling system with heat pumps.

Ter Laak, The Netherlands

For this project we have implemented our latest technical developments in the field of air circulation and underground heat and cold storage by means of aquifers.Sustainability and energy efficiency are paramount.

The new facility nursery of Ter Laak Orchids produces four million plants annually.

We have installed a heat pump installation with three heat pumps with a cold storage tank and ten wells.This installation is one of the largest heat pump applications ever made in horticulture. The “JOK-system” is installed for controlling and monitoring the wells and the heat pumps. This is an in-house developed operating system by Certhon.

To cool the greenhouse, the JSK cooling system with extra powered JSK coolers is installed. The JSK cooling system is renown for its clever air circulation.
The JSK takes in warm air from above the crop. After this warm air is cooled down by the system, the cool air is blown out underneath the crop. Thanks to the balanced way of blowing out the cool air, a balanced distribution of the cool air is ensured. The cooling system consist of 125 JSK coolers with an individual ventilation control. Temperatures can be set per cooler. As a result, the temperature can be controlled decentrally resulting in an optimal climate. A part of the nursery is also provided with top coolers with air hoses.


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