First crop trial Certhon Innovation Centre


Little is known about growing raspberries in a closed indoor environment. A good reason to start a lighting trial with the daylight-free cultivation of raspberries in the Certhon Innovation Centre. Three raspberry cultivars were used to investigate the feasibility of raspberry production indoor with Certhon self-designed raspberry production system. During cultivation, the focus was on finding the balance between light levels and climate settings, maximizing (a high quality) production and minimizing the loss of fruit. Bumblebees and honeybees were used for the pollination of the flowers.

Cultivation information

Breed: Three different varieties (Tulameen, Glen Ample and Lagorai) were placed on three gutters in a mixed floor setup.

Propagation: All plants are propagated by Van Den Elzen Plants on an open field as double cane plants and stored in a cooled facility. The plants have had one preventive pesticide treatment on arrival in the facility. Delphy provided advice and guidance on the crop cultivation.

Density: On actual floor surface: on the left and right gutter 5,5 canes/m² and on the middle gutter 3,8 canes/m².

Lighting: Water-cooled LED fixtures were used, with a HPI type daylight spectrum.

Cultivation time course:
Planting date: week 14
First flowering: week 19 & 20
First harvest: week 24
End of cultivation: week 33


The experiment started on March 3rd 2018. With a better climate control indoor, both productivity and quality can be improved compared to a greenhouse or open field cultivation. On average up to 78% higher yield is achieved over a 19-week production cycle (9 weeks of vegetative growth and 10 weeks of harvesting). This is contributed to a longer production period and a higher light use efficiency. However, it should be noticed that raspberries grown indoor is very cultivar-dependent. In further research, an improved trellising system and interlighting will be used to increase the production level and fruit quality.

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Watch the cultivation of the raspberries in the Certhon Innovation Centre