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Indoor farming is a concept that responds to the trend of producing closer to – and frequently even in the midst of – the consumer market. Due to the growing world population, food safety and freshness have become key themes, while efficiency in terms of space and energy is demanded for the production of decorative plants.


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Indoor farming

Growing products in indoor farms that make use of a single or multi-tier cultivation system is the best solution by far for these developments. However, growing crops in an indoor farm requires alternative cultivation methods, in comparison to those used in a traditional greenhouse. The most notable difference is that the outdoor climate is no longer taken into account. Instead, the climate is created entirely on the basis of the available technology. Specific lighting, cooling, air treatment, CO2, cultivation tables, irrigation and LED, HID and/or fluorescent lighting make the indoor farm is suitable for full-scale climate control, regardless of the crop type.


The greatest advantage to cultivation in an indoor farm is that the crop is not influenced by external factors. There are no fluctuations in temperature, humidity or other uncontrollable factors. Additionally, the indoor farm is a sustainable system; any excess heat in the cell can be used to heat the greenhouse, if necessary.

The advantages of growing crops in an indoor farm:

  • Higher yields thanks to an accelerated cultivation process;
  • Year-round production;
  • Improvement and consistency of crop quality;
  • A more efficient use of space thanks to multi-tier cultivation;
  • A more efficient use of energy thanks to the cell’s high insulation factor;
  • No light pollution;
  • A more sustainable production thanks to use being made of excess heat.
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Certhon has been playing a pioneering role in conducting research into optimizing the technology for daylight-less cultivation since 2015. By meeting every demand with innovative in-house technology, Certhon can offer you specific solutions with a maximum return on investment.

Certhon’s Phytotron Control System was developed to enable the climate in indoor farms to be precisely measured and controlled. This remote control-operated system facilitates optimum climate control and offers a wide range of precision regulation technology. With the Phytotron Control System as a basis, Certhon is further building on indoor farming concepts by conducting in-depth research into the optimization of the technology and cultivation methods of daylight-less cultivation, among others.

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