Mts Boer en Den Hoedt

  • Mts Boer en Den Hoedt
  • Mts Boer en Den Hoedt
  • Mts Boer en Den Hoedt
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:1,7 ha.
Description:Certhon has realized a unique mobile cultivation system for the 1,7 ha Lettuce nursery of Mts. Boer en Den Hoedt.

Mts Boer en Den Hoedt, The Netherlands

First the lettuce is planted in the front side of the greenhouse. Gradually, the gutters with the lettuce will be moved further into the greenhouse. The distance between the gutters will be adapted depending on the development stage of the crop. When the lettuce is ready for harvesting, the gutters are moved to the processing area.

We also realized a grow light installation and the greenhouse heating installation for the mobile lettuce system, including aCO2 dosing system and a central boiler installation, which is revolutionary for lettuce production.

In 2005,the company decided to partially switch to the so-called “New Way of Growing’ system. The “New Way of Growing” is an energy saving option where dehumidification takes place by blowing outside air into the greenhouse rather than heating and ventilation. To introduce the ‘New Way of Growing’, Certhon realized a significant number of adjustments including among others 10air conditioning units with air ducts. These air ducts ensure that the warm and relatively dry air is equally distributed in the greenhouse.

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