Certhon legt innovatief solarproject aan in Kenia

  • Certhon legt innovatief solarproject aan in Kenia

Certhon realises an innovative solar energy project in Kenya. At the Stokman Rozen production company in Naivasha, the greenhouse is heated up by SanSolar, Certhon’s own innovative solar panels. The unique aspect of the SanSolar system is that the solar panels are able to heat up water to a higher temperature than existing solar panels for horticultural application.

san solar

Stokman Rozen has instructed the construction of a new greenhouse in Kenya. The company is located in Naivasha, at an altitude of 1,900 metres. The heating solution is an innovative heating concept of Certhon. A thermal solar system heats up water, which can then be used to heat the new greenhouse. By day, the water in the heat storage tank is pumped through the panels, which heat up the water to a minimum of 70 degrees Celsius by means of the sun. This solar heat is then stored in the tank and used for heating during the night.
The system comprises SanSolar panels, transport pipes and a heat storage tank. The special aspect of this project is the SanSolar panel, Certhon’s own development. The panel is able to yield the highest return currently achievable from solar panels for the horticultural industry. As such, the panels can heat up water up to 70 degrees Celsius and higher. This is more than has been achieved so far with solar panels in the horticultural industry.

Considerable dimensions
Certhon’s panels are unique not just in terms of technical performances, but also in terms of size. The panels are exceptionally large: 21 by 1.85 metre per panel. A total of 1,100 square metres of panels will be fitted, which will require 28 panels. The panels are large for a reason: cost-effective assembly and connection. The universal SanSolar collector of Certhon can be fully assembled on-site. In Kenya, the company will use local labourers. The project is expected to be completed in April 2011.


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