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Surface:0,9 ha.
Description:Certhon completed the newest nursery of the Holt- family, one of the leading companies of the British Tomato Growing Association. The nursery named Sandylands Nurseries is located in Evesham Worcs in England. Certhon supplied this project turnkey, besides building of the greenhouse Certhon is also responsible for all the technical installations.

Sandylands Nurseries, England

“This project is remarkable because the greenhouse is fully equipped with a hybrid grow-light; LED in combination with SON-T. This modern application offers a range of benefits for the owner, the Holt family. The combination of SON-T exposure (105 µmol) and LED inter-lighting (110 µmol) assures year-round production, consistent quality and more revenue. With the LED grow-light installation the crop can remain constantly active during winter as well as on dark summer days.

By means of the efficient use of LED grow-light, combined with SON-T, the electrical energy costs are reduced with more than 10%. An additional advantage is reduction of excessive heat from the lamps, which means less ventilation and thus assures an energy saving. Besides that, the inter-lighting heats up the crop which leads to a less heating demand from the grow pipe heating. These benefits emphasize the sustainable nature of this unique project.”

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