St. Davids' Hydroponics

  • St. Davids' Hydroponics
  • St. Davids' Hydroponics
  • St. Davids' Hydroponics
Surface:9,3 ha.
Cultivation:Bell peppers
Description:Certhon has completed construction of the third phase of St. Davids Hydroponics in the Canadian city Niagara-on-the-lake.

St. Davids' Hydroponics, Canada

This is already the third phase of the company which can be named as one of the best pepper growers of North-America.

The greenhouse measures more than nine hectares and fully equipped for the cultivation of various kinds of peppers. In addition to the greenhouse Certhon also supplied and installed the heating system, including heat storage tank, and the entire boiler house with two boilers.
Furthermore Certhon was responsible for installation of the double screening system.

A large processing area, which is connected to the greenhouse, enables the grower to pack the peppers by himself. Special about this project is that the greenhouse is fully covered with diffused glass.

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