Ter Laak Orchids

  • Ter Laak Orchids
  • Ter Laak Orchids
  • Ter Laak Orchids
  • Ter Laak Orchids
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:10 hectares
Cultivation:Phalaenopsis (orchids)
Characteristics:For Ter Laak Orchids’ brand new DaglichtKas (Daylight Greenhouse), Certhon designed and installed the complete cooling installation.

Ter Laak Orchids is already one of the leading Phalaenopsis growers in the country and just recently, they have added to their reputation of being one of the most sustainable growers in The Netherlands.

Thanks to Certhon’s technical knowledge and plethora of experience, Ter Laak Orchids has been a loyal customer for years. For this advanced installation, Certhon’s expertise was called upon. Certhon realized the complete heat pump installation; from heat pumps to pipework, from buffer tanks to underground storage, and the addition of Certhon’s own JSK coolers. This innovative JSK cooling installation contributes to optimal air circulation, cooperating closely with the heating system and has a underground storage connection. Here, excess cool air is stored, which is then utilized in summer. In addition, heat from the daylight greenhouse is stored and processed in the heat pump, in addition to the thermal energy storage facility. This efficient cooling installation does not only supply the new DaglichtKas, it also matches the existing systems. Finally, the coolers are installed underneath the orchids, so no light will be lost.

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