Certhon Innovation Centre

In the Certhon Innovation Centre, the cultivation method developed by Certhon for the daylight-free cultivation of vegetables, fruit and floriculture is optimized. In the facility of 240 m2 with eight indoor farms, continuous research is being done to develop thé cultivation system of the future.

Research is being done into crops in which not only Certhon, but also clients and partners, have expectations in various climates, humidity and light recipes, as well as tests with lighting, sensors and hardware and software. This includes crops such as tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, peppers, raspberries and strawberries. The quality, uniformity and reliability of production are central to this.

With the Innovation Centre, Certhon wants to contribute to the global food issue, in other words: the need to produce healthy, fresh, high-quality products all over the world, 365 days a year. All the benefits that an indoor farm offers are therefore also reflected in the Innovation Centre. The basis is that multiple cycles of a crop can be grown in one year. In addition, all cultivation is clean; no insects and no use of pesticides. The use of water is also a lot lower compared to a greenhouse; about 2/3rd less water is consumed in an indoor farm.

Based on the cultivation knowledge gained, Certhon can give you as a customer and partner optimal advice and help you the first one or two years to achieve a maximum result. Furthermore, experimental researches can be carried out to obtain reference figures. At last, the facility gives the opportunity to see how systems work in different indoor farms.

Researches - First cultivation round

After the opening of the Certhon Innovation Centre, at the end of May 2018, the first cultivation round was immediately started. In this cultivation round, research has been done on various vegetables and soft fruits (click on the crop to learn more about the research that’s being done):