Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Certhon has adopted a strict privacy policy. We take your privacy very seriously and treat your personal data with the greatest possible care.

All personal and other data collected via application forms, visits to trade fairs, email, telephone calls or in any other way are obtained entirely on a voluntary basis and retained exclusively subject to the prior consent of the party concerned.

Use of personal data
Your personal data can be used by Certhon to contact you:
• to enable Certhon (or another party involved in processing this data) to process your data;
• for marketing purposes (e.g. to inform you about Certhon’s activities via a mailing, newsletter or other form of communication);
• to respond to and/or process job applications; and/or
• to compile statistics about the use of the Certhon website via Google Analytics.

Your email address will only be used for this purpose subject to your prior approval. You can stop receiving notifications from Certhon at all times by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button in a mailing, or by sending an email to You are entitled to view your personal data at all times. Certhon will rectify or delete your personal data at your request.

Legal grounds with regard to data processing
Your personal data will only be processed if you have granted Certhon your explicit consent to do so, or because Certhon needs to do so in order to enter into or execute its agreement with you, or because it is obliged to do so by law, or because Certhon (or a third party) has a legitimate interest in doing so. These possible legitimate interests are described in this privacy statement. In individual cases Certhon can be required to process your data because this is needed:
• to enable Certhon (or another party involved in processing this data, if applicable) to process my data;
• for marketing purposes (e.g. to inform me about the activities of Certhon via a mailing, newsletter, invitation, Christmas card or data changes);
• to respond to and/or process job applications (if applicable);
• to compile statistics about the use of the Certhon website via Google Analytics.

Data storage
The personal data collected by Certhon is stored in its own customer relations management (CRM) system. This system is highly secure. We will not make your personal data available to third parties without your consent unless we are required to do so by law, as part of a legal or arbitration procedure or if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and Certhon.

Storage location(s)
Your personal data is obtained and stored by means of various applications. These applications are subject to strict rules to safeguard your privacy. Your data will be stored within the European Union. If your data is stored outside of the European Union it will only be stored with external parties that guarantee adequate protection in accordance with European privacy regulations.

External parties
In some cases we will share your personal data with external parties (but only if this is necessary). These are external service providers. We will never sell your personal data to any external party whatsoever. These external parties may only process your personal data for the execution of the relevant services. They are not permitted to independently use your personal data or pass this on to others. Certhon shares personal data collected via cookies with the external parties that place cookies on the Certhon website. You will find more information about cookies by consulting our cookie policy. We may be obliged to submit your personal data to a government body, legal institution or other parties arising from a statutory obligation. In such cases we will only share whatever personal data is strictly necessary for this purpose.

Links to other websites
The Certhon website contains links that refer to other websites. When you click any of these links you will be redirected to another website. From the moment this other website is opened, the privacy policy of this website will apply.

Contact, questions, complaints
If you have any questions or complaints or simply want to contact Certhon about the processing of your personal data, you can contact us via the contact details below:

Certhon Build B.V.
ABC Westland 555
2685 DG, Poeldijk
+32 (0)174 - 225080

Any complaints (e.g. concerning the manner in which your personal data is processed, used or stored, or regarding Certhon’s response to your questions with regard to privacy) can be submitted to the Personal Data Authority.

Right to view, correct and delete
On grounds of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you are entitled to view your personal data. You can request to view your personal data via the contact details above. If your details are incorrect, you can submit a request to have these rectified and we will correct the relevant data. You may also want us to delete your personal data and stop making use is this. This can be done by revoking your permission (in those cases where your personal data was processed subject to your explicit consent). However, we may nevertheless retain personal data for which consent has been granted in cases where this is necessary. Additionally, you can indicate that you wish to limit your personal data. In this case, we will ensure that your personal data is not used without requesting your explicit consent first.

You are entitled to retrieve your personal data and to receive this in the format generally used for this purpose. This applies to data for which you have granted your explicit consent, personal data submitted to us electronically, personal data that we have processed on grounds of an agreement entered into with you or personal details that you have created independently in one of our applications, among others.

Certhon may, however, reject your request (e.g. if Certhon is obliged to retain your personal data by operation of law). In this case, you will be informed of this as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?
Certhon Build B.V. and Certhon Projects B.V., both established at ABC Westland 555 in 2685DG Poeldijk, the Netherlands, are the parties responsible for processing of your personal data.

Certhon reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time. If any changes are to be made they will be implemented by Certhon on this page. This page was most recently amended on 25 April 2018.