JSK cooling

JSK cooling

The innovative JSK cooling system allows you to cool above and below crop level. Thanks to optimum air circulation, you can also improve the greenhouse climate. The coolers are installed under the crops, which means no loss of light radiation. The JSK system can also be used for low-value heat. The perfect solution for orchids and roses.

JSK cooling system

JSK is a Certhon innovation. A unique feature of the cooling system is the smart air circulation. The JSK extracts warm air from above the crop. Once this air has been cooled by the battery, it is blown under the crops. Thanks to the balanced blowing method, the cooled air is distributed evenly over the crop, resulting in a consistent horizontal and vertical distribution of the greenhouse climate.


An energy-efficient cooling system

The JSK system is fitted with specially developed speed-controlled fans. These are extremely energy-efficient. Certhon’s specially developed control system allows you to adjust the speed of the JSK fans as desired. A reduction of climate deviations in the greenhouse departments prevents the formation of blind spots in the greenhouse. The system is suitable for use in vegetable cultivation and ornamental plant cultivation. A flexible work method, the JSK system can also be operated in reverse.


Advantages of JSK cooling system

  • Prevent blind spots by minimizing climate differences
  • For use with vegetable and ornamental plant cultivation
  • Can also be used to heat the greenhouse

JSK cooling system - Greenhouse cooling above and below crop level



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