LED lighting

LED assimilation lighting

Certhon: on the cutting edge of LED assimilation lighting As a supplier, Certhon is conducting pioneering research on optimizing this technology and has achieved impressive results. We are also a certified Philips LED Horti Partner.

LED assimilation lighting

LED is becoming increasingly popular as an innovative light source in the international greenhouse horticulture sector. LED lights are extremely promising and are currently 30% to 46% more effective than conventional lights. This is because plants absorb the energy radiated by LED lights more easily than the energy from SON-T lights. The energy-saving figures are even more impressive, with an eighty percent difference compared to conventional lights. The benefits of LED lighting are also evident in terms of lifespan.


Convection heating with LED assimilation lights

Another important advantage of LED assimilation lighting is that the fittings produce convection heat, which means the air is heated before the plant is heated. Because of this, an LED assimilation lighting system can be installed between crops. With conventional SON-T lights, the plants are heated directly through infrared light.


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