From seed to harvest without daylight

PlantyFood is a growing method developed by Certhon for growing plants from seed to harvest without daylight.

Certhon focused on more than just the usual leafy greens and herbs during it’s development, but takes a step into the future with fruit bearing crops like tomatoes and cucumbers.

How does it work?

Based on decades of experience in modern horticulture and many projects in the field of growing crops without daylight, Certhon has developed PlantyFood. The method is a combination of Certhon’s inhouse developed combination of technology and agronomical knowledge, focussing on the quality, uniformity and reliability of plant production.

The way in which plants grow during their cultivation is a combination of genetics and growth parameters. Light, climate conditions, nutrients, CO2 all play an important role and are interconnected. With PlantFood, all these parameters are monitored and controlled continuously to ensure an optimal balance is achieved in which a plant can reach its full potential.

The Certhon Phytotron Control System, monitors and controls all aspects of growth. In combination with Certhons in house developed LED solutions, even crops requiring high lighting levels can be grown in both sinlge and multi-layer setups.

For Whom?

PlantyFood offers a solution for many types of cultivation ranging from propagation, breeding and large scale commercial production up to harvest.


PlantyFood offers the latest technological development, essential to the future of growing without daylight and Vertical Farming.

Advantages include:

  • Complete independence from the outside climate
  • Uniformity of production
  • Optimisation of growing cycles
  • Opportunity of developing plant recepies for plant growth ioptimisation
  • Reduction of pesticide use
  • > 95% reduction in water usage.


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